Amazing Sex positions you can try

Car sex

It's not uncommon for oral sex to be just as stimulating as its physical counterpart. Penis owners can just relax in the front seat while their partners lean forward to allow vulva owners to prop their partners' faces up against the seat behind them in order to get into a queening position. Vulva owners can also prop their partners' faces up against the seat in front of them. According to the author, "Car sex is contextually halfway between confidential and public, which simply can make it perhaps more thrilling."  It is one of the fantasies of everyone to attempt vehicle sex at least once in their lives with their spouse, as it is one of the fantasies that automobile sex is actually more fascinating.

Best sex position on couch with your partner

The wrapped lotus

As you climb onto your lover's lap with your legs looped over his back, he is seated on the floor in a sitting position with his knees crossed. This simple adjustment works wonderfully for any sofa, be it an opulent wraparound or a love seat sized appropriately for an apartment (using that phrase intentionally). This position is not only very intimate, but it also gives your partner access to several erogenous areas of your body, including your face, upper torso, and neck, while also allowing them to reach your forehead and Pussy.

The pretzel dip:

This approach achieves the same level of depth of entrance as the doggy style, but it also creates a sense of intimacy because the two of you are facing each other. In order to squeeze onto a smaller couch, you should bend your right foot slightly rather than keeping it entirely straight.

Turn over onto your other side while your partner straddles your opposite leg and folds your left leg across his left side. You should now be lying on your opposite side.

The seated wheelbarrow

Put the dinner table to one side and invite your friend to sit on the end of the couch. Position yourself such that your butt is supported by the chair and your hands are flat on the floor. To get the most out of your piercing, have your partner grip your lower legs while you bend your ankles towards the man's legs.

The flatiron

Lie down on the seat, straight-legged (or folded, if the seat is narrow). After that, your partner will come at you from underneath.

The Lazy Man

The other person should either sit with his or her lower back against the shoulder rest and legs outstretched, or else sit on the smaller sofa as is more suited. You sit astride your friend's waist, feet flat on the soft floor, knees bent.